Monday, 24 February 2014

Daydreaming and Planning

Today has seen a few tears as I find myself struggling with the injury and DH being away. 
It has also seen me watch once again, the fantastic movie "The Color Purple".  More tears again.  What a wonderful 3 hours!

I'm finding myself surprised by the quietness of my eating disorder.  It is almost not there.  What about the last two days has changed?  Is it because I have been writing about it again and looking for the positive in my days?  Could things have shifted that quickly?

Perhaps dealing with the injury is taking all my attention?  I find that strange though when it has left me being quite immobilized and watching TV which is usually an instigator for eating badly.  But something is different.  I just can't pinpoint what that is.

I'm still planning a new way of daily living for myself - what is important for me to do and have in my life and how I can achieve that.  Overall, the tone of what I want my life to be is that of simplicity and peacefulness.  Contentedness in my soul.  Centered in my spirit.  A calmness and a existence of being completely in the moment - whether that be teaching my students, stretching my brain with bookwork, scrubbing at the bathroom, working up an exercise sweat, daydreaming, meditating, a casual walk along the beach, or drinking a glass of wine in the garden.

So, I guess that covers a small list of what I want in my life!  There are so many other things I am dreaming about as I lay here gazing out the back door at our garden.
  • Learning more about photography
  • Expanding our vegie garden.
  • Spending more quality time with DH.
  • Starting a wine cellar
  • Building a second story on our home to capture the magical view to the beach.  As well as giving us a bigger bedroom and a brilliant walk in robe!  Oh, and a bigger laundry downside!  Yes, I have been daydreaming a lot about house renovations lately!
  • Finding joy in the beauty and preparation of healthy food.
I'm finding that peacefulness and contentedness is something that you have to grab on to and allow to grow, otherwise it will just drift away in the negative thoughts that unfortunately seem to come much more easily.
Writing this has allowed that peacefulness to resurface.  Now I am going to gaze out the window some more and allow it to grow and develop and fill my soul.

Love and light


  1. Mmmm..... Wine cellar....

  2. I hope your foot is now OK again, Annie. Here's to your daydreams and making them come true. :-)

  3. Annie, Happy New Year to You and D!

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